Street Fighter V to Receive Darkstalkers Skin’s for Select Fighters


It almost seems like an early April Fool’s joke when you hear about a Darkstalkerin any way shape or form, but it seems that Capcom hasn’t forgotten about the critically acclaimed franchise. As an announcement on Capcom Unity, Capcom spokesperson Andy Wong has revealed the upcoming content for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition will be available starting April 3, 2018, for PC and PlayStation 4.

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Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition is Now Available for PC and PS4


Since the launch of Street Fighter V, the game has continually received improvements across the boards including new characters to select from, new maps to experience, new outfits to purchase, and even a Cinematic Story Mode for fans of the franchise to enjoy. Newly released features such as a new Versus CPU mode and even a host of new features have made their way onto the game since its launch.

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