Watch Guerrilla Devs Play a Part of Horizon Zero Dawn: Frozen Wilds


It’s the eve before the launch of Horizon Zero Dawn’s (you can read our review here) first story expansion, The Frozen Wilds. This new DLC will see players take on the role of Aloy once more as she adventures into ice-and-snow ridden environments. To help us all get ready for it, developer Guerrilla Games has given us a chance to see a portion of the expansion through a single mission.

One where Guerrilla Games’ principal quest designer Tim Stobo and quest designer Blake Rebouche play through a mission known as “The Survivor”, a single quest out of the many that fans will get to enjoy starting tonight at 12 A.M. ET. The quest that they take part in will see them adventure through an area known as “The Cut, a place where a clan known as the Weraks have attempted to prove their worth by fighting back against both the machines and the cold.

In the mission, Aloy will attempt to uncover what happened to two of the clans missing hunters while crossing paths with a new monstrous and extremely deadly new machine that the world has never-before-seen the likes of. You can check out the demo below.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds is set tomorrow 11/7/2017 at 12 A.M. EST, 11 PM CST, and 10 A.M. PST.

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