Monster Hunter: World Beta Date and More Announced by Capcom


Monster Hunter World coming to consoles and PC is a big deal to fans of the franchise. It’s such a big deal that fans around the world are already beginning to discuss what the game will be like, what it will feature, and how it will play. However, today, Sony and Capco have announced during the PlayStation Showcase at Paris Games Week, that Monster Hunter: World, will be getting a PlayStation Plus exclusive Beta this December.

To help usher in the announcement of the beta running from December 9th to December 12th (world wide), Capcom has also announced a cross-over event from Horizon Zero Dawn, which will feature Aloy’s trademark bow and full armor set, plus Palico armor, which will be available for Monster Hunter: World exclusively on the PlayStation 4 platform.

The beta will feature a chance for fans to play alone, with each other online, as they hunt down a hungry Great Jagras, a scavanger who can swallow up most other monsters whole. Want a bigger experience? Fans will be able to hunt the fiery and territorial Anjanath. Both of these creatures will be roaming through the dense and complex eco-system within the Ancient Forest zone.

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If fans want to really test their capabilities as viable hunters, they even get a chance to explore the recently revealed Wildspire Waste, a desert land, which serves as a home to the heavily armored Barroth, which can be found lurking about in muddy waters.

The two companies have also announced that there will be a cross-over collaboration quest, which will be revealed soon. We can only hope this means we get to hunt a creature from the neatly crafted world of Horizon Zero Dawn by Guerrilla Games.

During the Paris Games Week, we also were given a chance to see a new trailer featuring the Rotten Vale of the New World, as well as a new creature known as the Radobaan, a hulking beast that wears carcasses from slain creatures and hunters as its armor. So lets take a look at the new trailer in preparation for the upcoming hunts that lie ahead!

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