Opinion: Sony Once More Dominates at Paris Games Week 2017


Even though Paris Games Week is just getting started in Paris, France, Sony decided to give it their all, something they’ve been doing since the announcement of the PlayStation 4. Today, that hasn’t changed, and Sony once more did it again. With a clash of game trailers, release dates, beta dates, and reveals: the company hasn’t had any signs of slowing down.

Titles such as God of WarThe Last of Us Part IIDetroit: Become Human, and Shadow of Colossus serve as some of the most recognizable out of the lot. However, Sony didn’t hold back from there. They served as the host to the reveal of Destiny 2 Expansion I: The Curse of Osiris and even the newly announced Ghost of Tsushima by Sucker Punch, the team that brought us infamous.

But how is it Sony can keep up such a strong momentum without wearing themselves thin?


They’ve Been Listening to the Fans

Whether we want to admit it the truth or not, Sony and their partnered companies have been listening to us noisy gamers. They’ve been hearing us bang our pots, our pans, and even our cowbells (okay, so that’s a bit far fetched) as we demand some of the best games out there. This time around, they are delivering, and developers aren’t shy to show the potential the PlayStation 4 has thanks to the PlayStation 4 Pro, which allows for better looking games, outstanding performances, and a host of great features.

While the Xbox One X is certainly on its way in just a few days, it has a lot of ground to cover, ground that Sony has already darted past, and is preparing for third lap through. Sony isn’t shy about the games they’ve already released as console exclusives. They’ve absolutely dominated the market with titles such as Horizon Zero DawnUntil DawnUncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Nioh.

They’ve little reason to even push any harder thanks in part to their first and third party support. They’re even preparing for the release of third-party console exclusives from Bandai Namco with .hack//G.U. Last Recode, they’ve already seen the re-release of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen on PlayStation 4, and have even seen mild success with cross-platform exclusives such as Paragon by Epic Games.

With even more games under their belt, Sony has a chance to complete dominate the market, and show that console developers can offer solid gaming experiences. While PC certainly has its advantages, this edge gives Sony a chance to bring in new gamers, new fans, and more console sales. Trust me on this, Sony might as well offer Microsoft a coffin, and hammer a few nails in it for them in order to get them started. At this point, Microsoft has a lot of work to do, and I mean a lot.

Even with the Xbox One X having features I’d love to see in the PlayStation 4 Pro, I still think moving forward has been the right idea, and Sony knows it. They aren’t looking backwards and crossing their fingers for PlayStation Now to succeed. Quite frankly, they don’t need to. Not with the games they’ve revealed and their continued support for previously released games. Just from what they’ve shown, they know what their fans want, and they’re doing whatever they can in order to deliver top-tier experiences.

Console Exclusives Aren’t the Only Big Win for Sony

Lets face the facts here. Even as a once die-hard fan of the Xbox brand, it’s not hard to see that Sony has been making the right moves, and partnering with the right studios. Nioh for example, is a third party developed title, one completely developed by Team Ninja (Ninja GaidenDead or Alive). Even then, it has found staggering success, and a loyal fanbase. So much so, that the fans are rallying behind the release of the PC version so that a broader audience can experience the game.

But Sony’s biggest win, is even with multiplatform releases. This is already being demonstrated ahead of time with Monster Hunter: World by Capcom. While the game is set to launch on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in January, followed by a PC release later on, the game has already made the moves to bring in PlayStation 4 users. It’s offering a special cross-over event with Horizon Zero Dawn with fans being able enjoy the ability to play as Aloy, user her bow, and obtain a special Palico armor.

What’s even more-so reinforces this idea is the fact that all Call of Duty: WWII DLC will debut first on PlayStation 4 and a month later on Xbox One. This gives Sony another triumphant blow against Microsoft and PC players. While this does serve as a frowned-up practice, it just goes to show that Sony is still making the right moves, and that third-party developers want to support them, even with multi-platform releases.


[Credits: Comingsoon.net, Sony]

But How Has Sony Already Dominated Paris Games Week 2017?

I know this is hard to state, but Sony has already dropped the mic, and they are preparing to walk away with ease. They’ve easily dominated with their new trailers, release dates, beta dates, and cross-over content. Their claim to fame is still here, they don’t show signs of slowing down, which makes this once die-hard Xbox fan slowly reconsidering owning an Xbox One.

While there are games I’d certainly love to see from Microsoft, I know the chances of them throwing down what we need to be a rough one, and they have a lot of work cut out for them. While they’re going to certainly ride the waves of the Xbox One X, they need to make big announcements, they need to make some staggering release dates, and they know it. The downside is, I don’t expect the company I was once a die-hard fan of to do anything to come back.

I don’t expect a Fable or Halo announcement. I don’t even expect them to reveal and date any first-party exclusives. Instead I expect to hear more about their Xbox One X. I expect to hear them discuss what it is capable of. I don’t even expect them to offer a reasonable trade-up program for current Xbox One owners. This is, in my mind, how Sony has won, and the only team that has a chance to shut them down at this point is Nintendo with Nintendo Switch and a possible “Classic” system reveal.

For now, Sony has won, and no one’s stopping them. Their next biggest step they could make? Revitalizing the PlayStation Vita and showing a re-invested interest in portable hardware sales. Lets just hope they keep up this pace and that the PlayStation Experience 2017 in L.A. is just as powerful as last years.

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  1. I bang a cowbell every once in a while…

    And Sony smashed it out of the park with this one, such a lineup of games and dropping unheard of exclusives like Ghost of Tsushima blew me away. Quality.

  2. I agrre 100% as I’m a former Xbox fan. After loving the exclusives on the original Xbox and getting a 360 day one and then going through four(because of the RRD) I finally got Sony’s first PS3 Slim in 09 and with that Resistance one and two, Uncharted one and two, Folklore, Demon’s Soul, Infamous and I was sold. I’d always had multiple consoles but the RRD and the way Microsoft started releasing sequel after sequel and not new IP’s made me seek out Sony. Alan Wake was the last Microsoft exclusive I loved. The original PS3 price was too much but the Slim was perfect! Add God of War 3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3, Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and then The Last of Us and I was all about everything Sony! I was going to get an Xbox One but after the 2013 E3 conference I saw Xbox was not what it used to be. Needless to say I’ve enjoyed gen 8 and love all the exclusives Sony has as well as the PS4 Pro and PSVR! At this point they are competing with themselves.

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