Destiny 2’s Upcoming Expansion The Curse of Osiris Revealed and Dated


If there is anything Destiny 2 has done better than its previous entry, it would have to be the depth of story it offers, and the history behind some of the most renowned guardians in the history of the Vanguard. While the expansion was announced shortly after launch due to a leak by Microsoft’s Xbox Marketplace, we knew the expansion was coming, but when was the largest question of them all.

Announced today through its trailer, we are given a full glimpse of whom this notorious Guardian is, and that he may not be the good guy we had hoped for. We learn that within the game, that the Vex have been building up forces on the planet Mercury, and that Osiris, the most notorious Warlock ever, knows something about what’s going on. The catch? He’s lost, somewhere on the planet itself.

In the trailer it’s shown that Ikora Rey will play an important role within the expansion and as a former pupil of Osiris, she doesn’t trust him, not one bit. The most catching parts are something we’ve yet seen in Destiny as a franchise: the shape of Osiris’ Ghost and the fact he’s not wearing a full set of armor like the rest of the Vanguard. Instead he’s wearing a cloth helmet, mask, and armored plating to cover his body and protect it from harm. Unlike the Ghost we are used to, it seems Osiris’ is also combat capable, helping him fight off a swarm of Vex.

We even get a chance to see some new locations on Mercury, ones that we will get a chance to visit locations yet to be seen, and a planet players have yet to visit outside of the Crucible. Destiny 2 Expansion I: The Curse of Osiris is set to launch on December 5th, 2017 and a release window for Expansion II for spring of 2018.

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