Tripwire Has Announced That Killing Floor 2 is Headed to Xbox One


Xbox One fans have been somewhat sitting in the dark when it comes to Tripwire’s smash-hit title Killing Floor 2. Today, that has changed as our friends at Tripwire Interactive have announced today that their smash-hit game will be coming to Xbox One and Xbox One X later this year.

The game, which sees fans taking on zombies, will see exclusive content coming up on the Xbox One, which will fans taking on a new timed exclusive  weapon called the Freezethrower, which will be under the Survival Perk, and will allow fans to freeze Zed’s before annihilating them into ice shards. Additionally Xbox One owners will be able to get their hands on the Wasteland Armor cosmetic uniform, which will feature a few different skin styles. As expected, the Xbox One X version will support 4k resolution, increased performances, high resolution textures, shadow maps, and shadow-fade-out distance, making this version on-par with the PC version.

This version will also come with support for Mixer, which is Microsoft’s next generation streaming services that offers viewers to influence games in real-time and for them to participate in live game streams. So when can you get in on this? Starting August 29th of this year for $39.99 USD. 

You can check out our review here.

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