Harebrained Schemes Launches Necropolis on Steam


So you’ve managed to sprawl your way through the Cyberpunk RPG series Shadowrun from the sprawling streets of Seattle to the neon lit districts of Hong Kong. Parting ways from these standings, the critically acclaimed studio Harebrained Schemes has decided to take us into a labyrinth of death in their newest title Necropolis.

The award winning title has officially released on PC’s via Steam. As a permadeath 3D action roguelike title, Necropolis seeks to pop itself to life with off-the-wall humour, beautiful eye-candy art styles, diabolical traps, and even a plae filled with creatures seeking your ultimate demise. Think you can do it alone? If not it’s fun for those who want to seek an adventure together with an easy drop-in and drop-out 4-person cooperative multiplayer campaign. Why? So you don’t have to go to the grave alone.


Much like the famed franchises that punish players with perma-death such as the hardcore modes from Diablo and Torchlight – Necropolis seeks to do the same as players move across a magical and living dungeon. As players fight deeper within it, the dangers grow even more gruesome. Ready to die? If not, prepare to die quite a bit while hunting down loot and moving through the randomly populated and created dungeons.

We’re really excited that folks can finally get their hands on NECROPOLIS.” said Jordan Weisman, Chief Creative Officer of Harebrained Schemes. “It’s a shining example of why we named this place Harebrained Schemes in the first place – we follow our passion – and the minute the team pitched this game, we knew we had to make it.”

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America, Inc. will be publishing the console versions of NECROPOLIS later this summer. Stay tuned for our upcoming review.

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