Warframe Can Change the Way Players Should View Triple-A and Free-to-Play Titles


It’s been a long journey that has taken my Tenno across the solar system. She has traveled across the vast and sprawling landscapes of Saturn to the harsh and venomous climates of Venus. She has fought unimaginable threats of an old world to an enemy long forgotten in order to attempt keeping peace in the solar system. She has tested her skill against her own fellow Tenno and proven her loyalty to the Lotus. In her free time away from fighting threats to the universe to keep balance, she has now taken on a sport once forgotten in time titled “Lunaro” where she has shown her prowess and agility outside of combat.

Truth is, Warframe is not just a game, but a living and breathing entity.

Warframe – developed and published by Digital Extremes – has proven that the game has more than what it takes to market itself as a triple A title. The title itself has received multiple updates that have pushed story, new exploration, weapons, time-based exclusive items for players, and even new innovations to gameplay performance as well as tweaks to mechanics already in place. Truth is? Warframe is not just a game, but a living and breathing entity. It has changed itself in ways to better perform as well as keep fans interested as the years go on. It has also changed the way I look at playing games such as Call of Duty, which receives constant content drops, but at the cost of personal time, money, and grinding. Something Warframe players are well adapted to thanks to the in-game store that uses real-money currency called “Platinum”.


If you’ve played games like Smite, you are used to the word “Gems,” if you’ve played Grand Theft Auto V it’s the equivalent to the in-game cash cards you’ll purchase for GTA Online. The difference here? Almost everything in Warframe is virtually ready thanks to how developer Digital Extremes has made the game accessible for fans on both ends of the spectrum; paying and non-paying. Thanks to their approach to how the monetary system works, over 98% of Warframes content is free thanks to how Digital Extemes worked their virtual market. With exclusive Renown Packs launching on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; it’s not surprising when players get a chance to dash across their screens to equip their new gear they just purchased. Let alone does this help fuel the in-game economy, Digital Extemes has made the game more widely accessible than any other title to the current date.

Warframe doesn’t just offer up massive content updates that feature new warframes, weapons, attachment, appearance items, mods, etc – the game is virtually a gamers wet-dream thanks to their approach. With a public trade system, Warframe has allowed for a mass market of in-game purchasing to become possible. Here is where the game surely makes most of its money as players will dive into the platinum portion of the store to, buy a few platinum, and purchase the latest frames and mods needed. You might be asking though, what does this have to do with this game being a triple A title even though it’s free?

Th answer lies deep within Warframes very core, which varies itself as game that can be competitive, it can be cooperative, and even the constant bit of content that is released through the games major updates. These updates will only be getting bigger with the upcoming major update titled “The War Within” in the games 19th update, which will continue our current story arch from Second Dream. If anything from the trailers above and below show us anything? Warframe seeks to take the industry by storm as the first big triple a free-to-play title since its launch and even inception.

For players that have been playing on both console and PC – the game has seen itself grow in multitudes of ways to fit players from all walks of gaming preferences whether it’s competitive, cooperative or even sports. As one of the major new additions to the Conclave function of the game Warframe has now sought to attract players with its own take on a mix of sports such as basketball, soccer, and even football with its own custom sport “Lunaro” (review for the Lunaro content coming soon).


In short, Lunaro may remind fans of multiple sports to be exact – but this one sticks unique to its own. With a ball being at its core, a goal, and the need for fans to stop each other from scoring – it’s a huge twist on the earlier mentioned sports. This is only a small example of how the game has been evolving in the past and continues to do so with each passing day.

If Warframe proves anything? It’s that the title will be heading into an entirely new territory when Update 19 launches in the upcoming days. For more information about update and its future, please feel free to visit the Official Warframe Website.

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