Fallout 4’s DLC the Autmatron is Now Available


If helping out the Wastelands of Boston wasn’t enough, today Bethesda has released the latest DLC for Fallout 4 by the name of Automatron. This DLC features the role of a mysterious and mischievous enemy by the name of the Mechanist who is sending hordes of evil robots into the Commonwealth. This enemy also includes the devious Robobrain. As players explore the cause of this threat, they must hunt down, harvest their own parts to build their own minions. This includes the choosing hundreds of mods including limbs, armor, abilities, weapons including the all-new lightning chain gun. Players will be able to customize the paint schemes and even choose their robotic companions voices. This will be available for characters level fifteen and up.

As the first expansion to Fallout 4, Bethesda has also announced that they are expanding the capabilities of settlements within the Wasteland Workshop, and in May, you’ll be able to head outside of the Commonwealth of Boston to Main for the upcoming DLC Far Harbor, which is the largest landmass has ever created post-game development by Bethesda Game Studios. And that’s just the beginning of what they are announcing. All DLC is available via the season pass for 49.99 USD on Steam, PlayStation Store, and the Xbox Live Marketplace or your local retailer. With more DLC coming later this year, they have also announced new small updates such as Survival Mode and the Creation kit, which will allow mods to be created on PC then shared to consoles. Stay tuned for our upcoming review for each of the DLC’s as they become available.


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