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Rust is a wonderful PVP sandbox game that was original released in December 2013. As of now the game is still in alpha, early access through Steam. That being said there are several wonderful things about this game, some of which can be a downside. After hands on play for over 200 hours there is plenty to say about Rust. One on the biggest things to mention about Rust is that even after 2 years post launch the developers are still continuing to do weekly updates to the game. On top of that they are good about keep us in the community up to date with new concepts they are working on. Along with the game having strong developer support it also has a large community that supports it.

The community includes both server hosting and mods. I myself have a server that has several mods that run on it. Servers can be hosted personally or rented from server hosting websites. If rented – depending on the hosting site and the size of the server that you want – price on average can vary from $9 to as much as $20. Whether hosting a server oneself or just joining an active server Rust has an easy to navigate server browser. Servers can be found in one of there major categories, which are as follows Official, Community, and Modded. Along with this you can see the servers you have previously visited, ones in which your friends are on and all the ones you have tagged as favorite.


Another nice feature is the ability to be able to search for servers by name. Just like Rust there are several games out there that have modding support. All games that do have mods have ones that fall into categories ranging from cosmetic to changing the game play. As of now most mods for rust fall into one of two categories, User Interface or game­play Out of these mods many of the top ones are UI. To note a few: InfoPanel, StackSize Controller and Death Notes. Some of the top game­play mods are teleportation System, Kits abd Levels Remastered. One mod that is neither game­play or UI is the one named Weather Controller. This one is great if for no other reason than it can help make the game run smoother for those who cant handle the weather effects.

The graphics included in this game are beautiful, from the bright sunny days to the dense fog that rolls over the land. That being said the graphics that make is so beautiful is also a problem. When you start up rust you choose your resolution and one of five graphic settings. However, once you are in game there are more in-­depth graphic adjustments available. This means whether you have a top of the line graphics card or one that is not the graphic settings can be modify. Hopefully enough so one can not just run Rust, but also allow you to play. Even if graphics have to be turned down to the lowest settings it is still a great game to play. If you have to turn the graphics down to a lower setting this can still result in lag and death of player in PvP situations.


Rust – PC
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Rust being a PvP (Player vs Player) sandbox game it is both exhilarating and annoying at the same time. This is due to the fact that while you are harvesting or build a base it is not uncommon to be targeted, killed and/or raided. This PvP aspect is one of the appeal facets of Rust. Even with that being the case there are players who don’t enjoy the PvP form of play. Keeping this in mind several servers are run as PvE (Player vs Environment) servers but still have PvP turned on. Playing PvE is not without it own types of dangers from radiation zones, fall damage and even wild animal attacks.

As a whole Rust is a entertaining and pleasant take on the sandbox genre. With being an alpha early access title expect more changes and/or additions to the game. Even if you do not enjoy the PvP aspect of this game but are a fan of the sandbox genre you should give Rust a play. If you do whether you play on a PvP or PvE server, that does or doesn’t use mods Rust is a wonderful game.


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