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Revealed at E3 2015, Far Cry Primal will become the newest entry to the Far Cry franchise this year, next month to be exact. As we know Ubisoft has announced that Far Cry Primal is taking us away from the streets  of the modern world and into a true survival situation thousands of years ago. Unlike the more recent titles that gained major popularity among fans – Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 – Far Cry Primal seems to take a bit of a turn in how we know the games will play. With the gaming giving up explosives, vehicles, and even guns; the title seeks to possibly reinvent the series. To be honest? This is a good thing.

How Reinventing the Franchise Could Keep it Alive

As many of us are accustomed to games hoping time lines, i.e. Assassin’s Creed, it’s not hard for us to imagine the fact Far Cry could go down the same route. This time? It did, completely, and from everything we’ve seen from trailers, artwork, commercial spots, and gameplay videos, Far Cry Primal is taking a few notes from where Far Cry 4 took us. Primarily in the fact we are thinking woolly mammoths just might be our primary mode of transportation across this olden world that has become extinct in our modern day. The question here is going to be weaponry, transportation, dialogue, and locations. All of these are viable questions and ones that have already begun to be theorized on in discussions when brought up with other fans. We know you will be taming beasts such as saber toothed tigers who will joining the fray as companions, but what else can we expect. Perhaps a woolly mammoth?

So what weapons can we imagine seeing? As we know in the time frame that the game is in, we know that spears, axes, and even bows were rather common, which is something we know we should be seeing making a major return. We even expect to see weapons as crude as stone knives, bone knives, or other related items making a possible showing into the game. We wouldn’t be surprised if we also see traps from Far Cry 1 making a return as these would be viable forms of survival in the time frame that Far Cry Primal will be taking place. The next question here is – how will we see the map? Will it perhaps be a leather hide that will be lifted up marking where we are at in a rather olden way? Perhaps we will find stone markets that identify where we are at on the games map? Whichever way they do it, we know we are thoroughly excited for the new weapons we could see as the game approaches its release soon.

Change of Scenery


We’ve all gotten used to seeing tropical islands, foreign lands, and even mountains third world countries where some madman has begun to take over. This seems to be changing when it comes to Far Cry Primal we know you will be taking the role of Takkar, the last surviving member of his group (tribe perhaps?), and he has set off to exist in a world that is cruel, punishing, deadly, and humanity is at the bottom of the food chain. When humanity isn’t trying to survive against things such as woolly mammoths and saber toothed tigers, they are fighting against each other, attempting to gain control of the land and growing their numbers to better their livelihood and their tribes chances of survival. This will be witnessed as players roam through forests, freezing mountains, but also beautiful planes where beasts run rampant.

This setting could possibly provide us with a look at the Ice Age, which is something we do hope happens, but wouldn’t be surprised to see if it is a post Ice Age setting.

Growing your Tribe

Much like the recently released and critically acclaimed Fallout 4, Far Cry Primal is seemingly taking some notes from the game, and ones that we are proud to see. The game is about growing your tribe. This might be completed through story missions, side missions, or simply just over time. At this point? We do not know, but we do hope this brings in a village editor so that we might be able to make a village, set up offenses and defenses in order to protect, or simply just because we want to edit the crap out of this time period we used to fantasize as kids. Regardless, we know Takkar will be playing a huge role as he tries to survive the harsh lands of Oros while becoming the deadliest hunter within the lands.

Multiplayer – Could this Benefit the Game or Harm it?


Having played Far Cry and other open world adventure games over the years, Far Cry has become by far one of my favourite franchises easily putting it on par with Fallout and The Legend of Zelda. Ranking in as my third all-time favourite open-world adventure franchise, it’s hard to not fall for the creativity behind this franchise. One of the most famed parts about this series is not just the meticulously created story lines, but also the multiplayer portions of the games where fans have come together to bring this part to life.

From things such as fan created maps to co-op, Far Cry has successfully become enjoyable and intriguing in both departments. It’ll be very interesting to see if this latest installment allows fans to return to this time period, edit multiplayer maps, set traps, creatures, and weapons across the map in order for teams to obtain and use against their enemies. The biggest issue here? How do you balance the control of such creatures? Easy, take a look at Ark: Survival and have them in the back ground as volatile creatures that can be tamed.

Closing Statement

As you can see from the trailer above, Far Cry Primal is going to be gorgeous whether or not it has multiplayer or cooperative gameplay. The game, utilizing Cry Engine, will be a game that surely puts itself above and beyond the titles that it has seen before it. With this new engine, new era we are being placed in, and an all around new approach – Far Cry Primal could possibly alter the series in a way we hope it stays since Ubisoft has seemed to have mastered the ability to pick multiple timelines and have them work in a rather amazing and artistically challenging manner.

Far Cry Primal will be available on PlayStation 4 system and Xbox One on February 23, 2016, and available on PC on March 1, 2016.  Stay tuned for our pending review.


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