AIPD Coming to PC and Consoles Jan. 29th


Are you one that takes joy in top-down-twin-stick shooters? If you are there is one coming right up your alley in the very near future. Announced by AIPD – Artificial Intelligence Police Department – is on its way allowing players to take on visual styles that reflect Tron. In AIPD players will take on specialized weapons, equipment, and even take on the virtual trail of criminal AI’s in order to once more bring peace to this games world.  Weapons range from powerful howitzers to precise lasers, reactive armor, and boost-modifications so that players may increase their array of deadly skills. As players grow more dangerous with each round, they will take on a whole new array of options that wll come in their equipment loadouts, but also allow the player to individually customize their gaming experience to what they want.

This upcoming title is all about unlocking new weapons, equipment, one after the other, and ultimately attempting to take the highest score possible. The game will be running using Unreal Engine 4 while expecting to impress players with high speed graphics as well as an iconic 80”s style finish.


It’s all about unlocking new weapons and pieces of equipment, one after the other, and hunting down the high score – either on your own or in local co-op mode with up to four players at a time. Unlike the good old arcade classics, AIPD’s timeless look is generated by the Unreal Engine 4 and impresses with its high speed graphics. It’s an iconic 80’s style with a high-gloss finish.


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