Harebrained Schemes’ Upcoming Battletech Game Has Four Days Left on Kickstarter


You may recall Harebrained Schemes as one of those companies that seems to do cRPG titles the way they are meant to be done; true to the story, true to the vision they were based upon, and perfectly executed. This is a tradition they seek to continue on with by developing Battletech.

With only four days left to go on their groundbreaking Kickstarter campaign, you don’t have to imagine that they’ve raised over $1 million USD in the first 24 hours, and now Harebrained Schemes is close to reaching the $2.5 million USD mark which will give fans the highly anticipated PvP Multiplayer game. To be honest? This will be an interesting approach for the company since they are renowned for their story driven titles such as Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Their approach to co-funding through Kickstarter shows that the fans are loyal and truly interested in their games. This tactic has also proven quite beneficial both to fans and the company alike.


As part of its Backer Missions, co-directors Jordan, Mitch and Mike will host an ALCOHOL-INFUSED LIVESTREAM on Monday November 2nd, beginning at 6pm GMT/11am PST. Make sure to turn in with us to see the future of this title.

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