Ashen Rift Heads to PAX East and the Kickstarter Adds New Stretch Goals


You may remember earlier this year I wrote passionately about a game that spoke volumes to me called Ashen Rift. Unfortunately when I wrote about it back then the game didn’t get the funding needs it required, which to me whispered a silent and deadly fate of the game. After all that is what happens to most seemingly failed Kickstarters.

After reaching out to Pyroclastic Entertainment, Inc. on a whim. We learned that the game is still very much alive, and recently passed its goals to head to PAX East where the game will debut at a rather large event. With this news has come hope to see an adventure about a man and his dog surviving a deadly world is still going to come true. With no idea of a solid release yet, one thing is for certain, the game will be one to look forwards to when it launches on PC. To find out more about this game head on over to the official website here to find out more about Ashen Rift.

Our Take:

It’s rare that I’ll take the time outside of an article in order to do an our take regarding upcoming titles or what is in the works. With the news of Ashen Rift, it isn’t odd to say that I am doing one of these. Ashen Rift  has been a game that has seemingly gone quiet for weeks to months on end after its Kickstarter didn’t pass by its expectations and funding requirements, but all that silence has proven one thing: Ashen Rift lives on and we can’t wait to see if it’s still in development for PS4, PC, and Linux.

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