Exo Mech’s have come to No Man’s Sky in the games latest update


If you’ve been away from No Man’s Sky, you have a lot to look forward to in recent days from the games recent Living Ship update to the new Exo Mech content drop. Now, it’s time to explore in giant power armored suits.

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Doctor Who: The Edge of Time gets a November 12th release date


Get ready to dust off your Sonic Screwdriver, straighten up your collar, and throw on your best VR outfit just in time to become The Doctor in Doctor Who: The Edge of Time on November 12th, 2019.

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Jupiter & Mars Review (PS4) – Ecco would be proud

Jupiter and Mars_20190917025448

Jupiter & Mars from Tigertron is a catchy game, one that adds depth, wonderment, and adventure in a harrowing tale in a world that humans have left behind. Through environmental destruction and damage, they left behind, it’s up to Jupiter and Mars to right mankind’s wrongdoings, but is the adventure worth it?

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Jupiter & Mars is now available for PlayStation 4 and PSVR

Jupiter & Mars_PSX_2

Jupiter & Mars, like Ecco the Dolphin before them, is here to raise awareness about not just games as an art, but the effects mankind has had on the oceans and the sea life that calls them home.

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Opinion: Kinect and PSVR games can help fight obesity – I’m living proof

PlayStation VR

Can VR and or Kinect be used to really help lose weight and allow gamers to have a healthier life? Let’s talk about how this is possible.

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Review: Killing Floor: Incursion – Killing off the undead horde in VR


Already claiming its name as a horde shooter on PC and consoles, Killing Floor has now stepped into the realm of VR gaming and is upping the ante for the first person shooter genre as a true competitor for games of its type.

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Idea Factory Announces Megadimension Neptunia VIIR Release Date

Nep_V2R (7)

There’s something charming about the fourth-wall breaking Neptunia franchise. Whether it’s the series showing the girls running about completing quests, commenting on the real-world gaming industry or even their very own take on their franchise, the girls of the series are always up to something fun. Starting May 8, 2018, the girl will be making their return to the PlayStation 4 and for the first-time-ever the PlayStation VR.

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Review: Pop-Up Pilgrims – A Virtually Poppin’ Good Time


+Extremely beautiful Japanese and Chinese artistic designs that flow through the game
+Controls are simple and very easy to learn
+Easy to pick-up and go without becoming frustrated with the game
+Every level is unique and offers completely new experiences

-Micromanaging the pilgrims can easily become frustrating late game
-Can become physically demanding from time to time

Originally launched on the PlayStation Vita as Floating Cloud God Saves the Pilgrims in HD! from indie developer Dakko Dakko, Pop-Up Pilgrims is the latest adaption of the classic PSP title. Now in VR as Pop-Up Pilgrims, players once more take the role of a mysterious floating Cloud God who decides to save the peoples of the land from mysterious forces and guide them across multi-tiered VR levels.

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How did the PlayStation 4 do in 2017? Lets Take a Look


If you’re Sony, 2016 was a solid year, and it’s extremely hard to continue the momentum you’ve already started. Going into 2017 would be a difficult follow-up due to your A+ library, solid console support, and PlayStation Plus offers. With Microsoft and Sony continually trade blows, Nintendo has been in the background working hard and blazing trails.

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Zone of the Enders is Heading to PlayStation 4 Next Year


[Credits: Konami]

During last nights Tokyo Game Show event for Sony’s PlayStation brand, Konami took to stage to show off their projects in the works. Their latest just happens to be a fan favored title that legendary video game director Hideo Kojima created. Today, the company announced that Zone of the Enders: HD Collection will be heading to a PlayStation 4 near you in 2018.

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