Jupiter & Mars is now available for PlayStation 4 and PSVR

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Jupiter & Mars, like Ecco the Dolphin before them, is here to raise awareness about not just games as an art, but the effects mankind has had on the oceans and the sea life that calls them home.

A while back, we discussed the upcoming title Jupiter & Mars, a title, that in many ways, could be taken as a spiritual successor to SEGA’s timeless classic Ecco the Dolphin. In the game, players will explore the ocean floors as they seek to restore ocean life to it, but through the eyes of two bottlenose dolphins by the name of – you guessed it – Jupiter and Mars.

The two travel a post-mankind world, one where mankind has passed on, leaving behind the devastation that they have caused to our world, but from a different view: The ocean floor. Their story isn’t just about restoring life to the oceans but to also shut down the still-active machines that mankind had made before they left the world.

James Mielke, an industry veteran, is the mind behind the award-winning Jupiter & Mars who worked on past titles including Child of Eden and Lumines Electronic Symphony, “This game represents a real labor of love for myself and the entire team, so it’s incredibly rewarding to finally be able to share these dolphins with players.

Mielke, the Creative Director at Tigertron went on to discuss the game in both VR and non-VR elements, “While it’s playable in both VR and without, experiencing Jupiter & Mars in virtual reality is really something special. We set out to do something different with the video game medium; to stimulate discussion and share a positive message. As it is said in the game, ‘There is always a tomorrow, and with every tomorrow there is always hope.’”

With the use of both VR and non-VR elements, Tigertron hopes to make a statement about the worlds rising sea levels, which could very well endanger much of our planets habitats and the life that calls them home, “Inspired by some of our favorite games of the past, we’ve attempted to create an experience that’s incredibly fun yet poignant,” said Sam Kennedy, Executive Producer at Tigertron. “Jupiter & Mars is a true love letter to the oceans that players everywhere can now experience.

Revealed two years ago and developed in partnership with teams from New York, Melbourne, Los Angeles, Lisbon, London, and Tokyo – Jupiter & Mars comes to life, taking players on a neon-lit love child made through a dream collaboration by groups like SeaLegacy and The Ocean Foundation, in order to raise awareness about the dangers of pollution and our world.

Along with just playing the game, Jupiter & Mars features unlockable content for players to view, allowing them to learn more about topics such as ocean floor bleaching, rising sea levels, and the natural devastation that dangers such as chemical spilling have on our planet.

Along with the information you can read on, Tigertron has revealed that they will be donating a portion of the games proceeds to ocean causes, looking to make our world a better place to live, and giving those beneath the oceans floor a place to continue calling home.

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