E3 2019: Code Vein gets an official release date for this September.


Credits: Bandai Namco

At long last, it seems our one year wait is finally coming to an end for Bandai Namco’s vampire-focused Action-RPG Code Vein, which is actually set to release later this year in September, to be exact. Here’s the scoop.

E3 2019 has been a busy event already thanks to publishers ranging from Bandai Namco to Ubisoft and Bethesda in the past couple of days. While their stage presentations has been absolutely massive, Bandai Namco came swooping in with hard-hitting surprises, namely, the release date for Code Vein, their vampire-centric title land on our consoles on September 27th, 2019, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Much as we hoped for, it seems that Bandai Namco is making massive moves with their upcoming title, moves big enough that even I, myself, couldn’t hold back my excitement as I went hands-on with both the PlayStation 4 version of the Network Test and the Xbox One version all in a single weekend.

You can also find out why we said that it isn’t “just a copy and paste Soulsborne experience. Rather, it’s unique, it’s fun, and albeit rather challenging, it is highly rewarding and it seems that the one year delay on the game might actually pay off in Bandai’s favor and we only hope it does,” in our preview of Code Vein today.

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