Review: Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Hammering down the Xbox One


Since its release on Xbox One, we’ve been hard at work getting Tyvon through the Skaven and Chaos infested tunnels and streets of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 for Xbox One. Now, here’s our look at the Xbox One X enhanced version of the game.

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Review: Detroit: Become Human – I… I am alive.


Detroit: Become Human is our latest adventure from Quantic Dreams, the team behind the critically acclaimed titles Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. In our latest story by them, you’ll explore the role of many characters, each spanning different backgrounds and unique storytelling elements. Find out what we thought of this amazingly well-told story today.

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Review: MLB The Show 18 – It’s Going, it’s going, and it’s gone!

MLB(R) The Show(TM) 18

Since the launch of MLB The Show in 2006, Sony has hammered down this major league series, offering some of the best graphics, gameplay mechanics, and the deepest immersion for fans of athletic games. With 2018’s season getting well underway, we’re excited to see what the game had to offer. Here’s our review for MLB The Show 18.

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Review: De Blob 2 – Blobs, Paints, and a Colorful World



[Credits: THQ Nordic]

+Bringing the world to life with color is fun and highly rewarding
+Great visuals and solid performance on PlayStation 4
+Combat is fun, intuitive, and easy to learn for even young gamers
+Cutscenes are fun, friendly, and at times – hilarious

-Failing an area can result in having to revisit long sections or entire levels.
-Targeting in combat can be a minor irritation

Failure can result in having to replay long sections or entire levels Targeting system can be frustrating when facing diverse groups of enemies Some repetitive level design

Ever have a hand full of Skittles and wondered if you shoved them all down the windpipe, would you get magical colorful powers and all of a sudden have the ability to throw your hands on any surface and make the world more colorful? Yeah, I knew I couldn’t be the only one but unfortunately in real life, that would never happen but in de Blob 2 your dream is achieved.

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Preview: Darwin Project – Xbox One


As I make my way through this pathway of trees, I will look over this cliff coming up to see if I can see anyone I can get an easy kill. And boom, just like that, I was shot in the back by another player and I was left spectating until the next match had begun. The Darwin Project: Early Access via Xbox Live Game Preview, it may seem slow at first but if you are listening carefully to your surroundings or playing with a top of the line Turtle Beach headset to hear those footsteps then you are a goner and you will lose every time.

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The Crew 2 Pre-Order Bonus and Early Launch Incentives Announced

TC2_art_RewardsProgram_E3_170612_215pm_1497268475 (1)

The Crew made its grand appearance on the E3 stage with its first debut trailer back in 2013, setting the tone for a new type of racing style games. From the simple things like getting those annoying cops off your tail to just having a one v one match down Interstate 95. Now they are taking it a step even further. And now they have shifted gears and have hit that turbo button and have set a sequel in placed and will cross the finish line in first place again with The Crew 2.

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