FIA European Truck Racing Championship Review – Stepping down on the pedal

FIA European Truck Racing Championship seeks to become the Forza Motorsport of the FIA European Truck Racing genre, but now we’re curious, does N-Racing actually deliver? Let’s find out.


  • Training mode helps better understand the overall game
  • Absolutely beautiful graphics in 4K
  • A Forza-like experience for fans of big-trucks


  • No thrilling story mode to intrigue drivers
  • Basic racing game, not near as in-depth as it needed to be

Just when you though racing a regular car with a few modifications would be hard, just wait until you play this game! FIA European Truck Racing Championship is like no other!

Truck Racing was an absolute shocker to me and I did not know that this was an actual event that took place throughout the world. This was really eye-opening to me, the experience I had during my time around the track was truly a fun experience nonetheless. I even found myself watching a couple racing highlights on YouTube and even watched a snippet of a race on ESPN as well. It took me a while to find a few but it was enlightening nevertheless.

FIA European Truck Racing 3

FIA European Truck Racing Championship seeks to burn some diesel

The game starts out just like most, it throws you right into a high-speed race but what will catch you off guard every single time is the truck itself. Yes, we all can switch speeds like no other and every one of us deserves to be a stunt driver on the Fast and the Furious but this is on some next-level type of a deal. Usually, you can hit that emergency brake and hit the corner at just the right opportunity and keep pushing.

No, not with this game, you have to time it right then ease on the breaks and then water the breaks to cool them down so you don’t overheat and burst. Yes, I said it, all of these extra steps but I promise, once you master them, set producers will be knocking on your front door in no time!

Once you finish the first race, you think it’s over and you are going to learn how to put this highway beats on cruise control and it’s all downhill. Well if you thought that like me and my followers, boy did you have your beasts confused because it gets nothing but harder from that very moment. I would compare it to flying a plane but it might be as hard as keeping water in a bathtub as a kid. Once you take off that trucker hat and replace it with that racing helmet then, it’s game time! This is when the boys are separated from the men!

FIA European Truck Racing 7

I really wanted to be one of the best on there ever was, but alas, there’s some… Unfortunate things to discuss.

You are put through the toughest trials and tribulations I have ever participated in a video game. These skills you must master to even unlock the game are even worse than the Hunger Game Trails. But once you cross than last finish line, that very last test, it’s the happiest moment of your life!

I do mean the hardest drive test you’ve ever had to do in your entire life. This optical course of this test makes the DMV’s Driver’s Test look like you are ordering food at a fast-food restaurant, that’s how easy it is compared to these tests. I have never struggled harder in my entire life. Well fighting the last boss in Kingdom Hearts doesn’t count, he cheated and we all know it.

The overall concept of the game is definitely different. It stepped outside of the normal racing game and that is where I will give them cool points. The game is tough at first maneuvering the different features of the truck, but add that I graduated with all Gold Stars so I definitely need to trade in my four doors for the 18-Wheeler!

FIA European Truck Racing 2

I’m driving with the big boys now, after lots of practice

Also, don’t let it have an emergency break with those water breaks, it will most certainly be some smoke in the city because I am smoking everyone in sight! I do wish the feature to drive at high-speeds for the highway so I could practice my skills.

From a graphic perspective, I must admit, it was absolutely eye-catching and breathe taking. Every corner and turn had me wishing I could move closer and closer to the screen. So, I take my headset off to the folks over at N-Racing. I did encounter a lag or two during my time around the tracks but it drove smooth throughout my journey on the track.

I must admit, after beating the training portion of the game I did lose interest in the game and I was not drawn to the drive as I first was. Of course, the game featured you can play online and race other people but with a game so different because of what you are driving, you should want to grab, hold and pull your drivers in more and more. Don’t leave me at the top of the roller coaster wondering what’s next. Take me down, show me this turn around the corner. I just simply found myself wanting more.

FIA European Truck Racing Championship_20190722213018

FIA European Truck Racing Championship, I hate doing this, but I’m hanging up my keys

I felt left like a guy, on his first date and my date stood me up. The training was the best part of the game and I was not racing against anyone. I am torn between the training aspects, but that was just a small part of the game. For it to be based on real-life, which most people wouldn’t think twice about picking this game up, just walk right past it on the shelf and move onto a more popular game. 

FIA European Truck Racing Championship
PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch
Version Reviewed: 
Xbox One
Bigben Interactive
Release Date: 
Available Now

This game should have taken a step further to capture the audience and make them wanting more. But unfortunately, the game did not. With the truck driving skills, I now acquired from training mode, it sadly breaks my heart to give FIA European Truck Racing Championship the score it has gotten.

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