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Detroit: Become Human is our latest adventure from Quantic Dreams, the team behind the critically acclaimed titles Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls. In our latest story by them, you’ll explore the role of many characters, each spanning different backgrounds and unique storytelling elements. Find out what we thought of this amazingly well-told story today.

+One of the strongest story-telling titles in the history of the PlayStation 4
+Each character feels unique, alive, and designed to be an absolute powerhouse
+Touches on some of the toughest topics we must face in our modern world but does so with the knowledge that they need to be discussed.
+Amazingly realistic looking graphics


Detroit: Becoming Human is in my opinion definitely GAME OF THE YEAR, or at least deserves a nomination for it. This game that has set the tone for games no other.

AIs are not taking over the world, they are simply becoming humans, that’s the only way to explain it. And it reminds me of a movie named, iRobot. It featured Will Smith that released mid-year 2004. If you remember the movie well the doctor who died designed a robot who did not have to obey the laws that was set for the robots, and that is where this game pick up. It creates a storyline saying what if the robots stopped listening to their core values and reacted like humans.


Just looking at it from the trailers, you could tell the story would be good just because of how it’s being told and you get to decide which points you into the direction you would choose to do. That’s what sets this game apart from most because of what it actually does with the AI characters, it allows you to tell a story but allows you to do what you watch just based off of a decision and the decision you make

The game is set and opens with an AI whose name is Conner. Conner has been sent by the robot company to help with a situation a “Robot Gone Bad”. The head assault team officer on site doesn’t like you and you gather that from just you asking two very simple question but of course, you will have to do some police work, aka investigating around the apartment to figure out what actually made this Artificial Intelligence snap all of a sudden.

Each choice you make once you gather all of the evidence inside the apartment, you start to think about what the assaulted officer told you, “Save the girl at all cost”. With that floating in your mind, you walk out onto the balcony and begin to earn his trust, then you try to get closer and closer to ensure safety for the little child. Each time you are presented with a decision, it gives you 2-4 options to pick and once you decide, you are presented with another question if your AI holding the little girl and you want to ensure she is in your custody. With your life included, your life is on the line as well. Do you think you can save her without putting you AI at risk?


The game becomes a canvas and it allows us to paint a picture, which I think was an amazing idea. Instead of traditional games where they will give you the coloring book and instruct you that you cannot color outside these lines, you can add as much color as you want but you cannot go outside the lines. But with Detroit, it’s like a game that is set apart. Ever decision you make leads you down a different path just like in real life.

One feature I loved about the game was the reconstruction of a crime scene, known in the game as “Android Detective Mode”. It allows you to collect evidence from the crime scene to reconstruct what exactly what happened and allows you to rewind or fast forward. It’s a great asset so you can prove to the detective you’re a good partner. You can also pre-construct scenarios before you excite them which is cool so you won’t make the mistake of dying.

All three android characters stories will take roughly 10 hours to complete. Each character is going through something and is acquiring feelings because of this matter and now they must act on it like a human. They all have two overall sides you can exploit depending on the type of gamer and person you are.



Introduced at the end of each chapter (mission) is something called a flowchart, which is basically the decisions you made during that certain AI in the game before the chapter ended. You can go back and play each scene differently after you beat them to see the multiple outcomes the game has to offer.

I also compared my first play to my second but also to my friends and I was surprised at the results. In more than one chapter, we, unfortunately, sent our androids to their deaths. But once again, it’s all based on the decision we made so our experience could be different from your experience. But overall keeping your AI alive in my book is teeth clenching hard but overall a fun to live through with your AI in that chapter. It’s got a real heart to the storyline, the scriptwriters on this did a phenomenal job because I was emotionally invested.

Detroit: Become Human – PlayStation 4
Developer: Quantic Dream
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: Available Now
Cost: $59.99

Per my opening sentence, this game deserves to be at the top of everyone’s list, receiving all types of awards and nominations based on what the folks over at Quantic Dreams have done, as they’ve made one of the strongest narratives in the history of the PlayStation 4.

Our review is based on a retail version that was purchased by the reviewer of the game.  For information about our ethics policy please click here.

 Final Score: 10 out of 10

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