Review: Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist – The heist of Spider-Man’s decade

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Spider-Man, Felicia Harding as Black Cat, Speedball and The Taskmaster is back in the latest adventure for Marvel’s Spider-Man through the release of “The Heist,” a new DLC that’s now available to Season Pass and DLC owners alike. Here are our thoughts on the latest adventure.

+New costumes and equipment to unlock
+New Taskmaster and Speedball challenges are an absolute blast
+Swinging through New York is a joy and even more-so as Black Cat makes her major debut

-Can – at times – be too overly difficult due to challenge scaling

Marvel’s Spider-Man, in my book, Game of the Year, WITHOUT QUESTION! The game is the only game I have completely completed the main and side missions and then started the DLC Content. With Taskmaster and his challenges, be sure to set aside some time, possibly a day if you want to get Gold for each mission, especially the drones.  I can’t tell you the number of times I have flipped my controller or took a 30-second walk off to clear my head and keep from ripping the television off the wall out of anger. But it was all worth it because what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger!

The Heist, features one of Spider-Man’s prettiest foes, The Black Cat. Also, knowns as Felicia Hardy, she dresses in a spandex jumpsuit with white fur on end joints. She is the daughter of the world-renowned cat burglar, Walter Hardy. This downloadable content campaign has you tag teaming with the infamous Black Cat and seeing where that story leads.

Not jammed pack with all of the extra side missions and extra bad guys running around the city like chickens with their heads chopped off, this is much more self-contained and smaller story. It’s one I would play until I ran out of webs and fell to my death; even then, I would still try to get more web-swinging material and swing my way right back to the high sights of the city.

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Without spoiling any of the missions’ content, this journey takes you down of, in my opinion, how a Spider-Man in the modern day would have to deal with problems in this era. Guess who’s back on the web and is streaming live to get views and more subscribers, that’s right: Screwball. Yes, don’t we all know she is annoying but her missions are so much harder than those given by Taskmaster himself.

His challenges featured stealth, bomb, combat, and last but not least drone. Each one more challenging and preparing you for the next if you complete all there on Gold, it’s very hard and it takes time, but it’s manageable. Screwball, on the other hand, her challenges aren’t so bad, they are actually easier when compared to Taskmaster, in my opinion. Her challenges consist of 2 Combats, 2 EMPs, and 1 Gadget. Each one requires a different skill set just like with the Taskmaster but honestly, fairly simple enough to know out real quick and easy.

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Web-swinging has always been fun in the story and will always continue to be the best part of the game. I did recently notice that once you take off and you start swinging, the score of the amazing soundtrack starts to play while you swing and it varies to what time of day the song they are playing, nevertheless, it’s pretty awesome!

And last but not least, you get two more suits! My favorite part of the entire game just happens to be unlocking each and every suit is like a kid walking into ToysRus for the first time. It’s nothing like getting a new suit and experiencing the new and awesome colors it has and variations and also the power of the suit, as we all know now.


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Marvel’s Spider-Man – The Heist DLC
Platforms: PlayStation 4
Platform Reviewed: PlayStation 4 Pro
Developer: Insomniac Games
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: Now Available
Cost: $9.99  (DLC) | $24.99 (Season Pass, sold separately)

Unlocking a new suit comes with a new type of power and it varies from resupplying on any and all web gadgets to a one-hit kill. All the suits are awesome and so are their powers that come along with them.

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 Final Score: 10 out of 10

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