Blair Witch from Bloober Team is coming to PSVR in Summer 2021

Burnt down field in Blair Witch

Bloober Team and Lionsgate have revealed that Blair Witch is heading to VR starting this year and will be reasonably priced for fans to enjoy. Here’s what you need to know.

If you haven’t already had the chance to scare yourself witless, then Bloober Team is ready to help you do it, and it comes in the shape of Blair Witch for Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR. This newly announced version will run you $29.99, and is available now for Oculus Quest, and comes with several major upgrades to the game.

The new enhancements include better models, improved lighting, further draw distances, a backpack, and an improved AI for your canine companion, Bullet, which should make finding things during your time in the Blackwood Hills a tad bit easier.

There has also been a change to the environments, which includes the ability for more interactivity, new creature encounters, a new control system, and new mechanics for Bullet, which includes being able to pet your pupper, but also, getting him to fetch items when needed.

You can check out some of the changes down below:

  • Pet Bullet to make sure he knows he’s a good boy
  • Change up his look with a variety of new collars
  • Give Bullet treats. In the VR edition, he’ll take them right from your hand
  • Bullet can help you track scents through the forest, just give him an object to sniff
  • Enjoy the company of your best buddy and shake his paw any time

But there have also been a few gameplay changes, that well, are rather important and ones we are happy to see have finally happened after our review for the Xbox One version of Blair Witch.

  • Environments have been redesigned for more interactivity
    • Objects to catch, throw, or stack on top of each other 
    • A marker to draw on paper and other objects
    • Drawers, doors, gates, and car trunk open at a touch
    • Breaking branches 
    • Operation of mechanical elements: handles, buttons, opening locks with a key, padlock codes, etc…
  • New control system 
  • New sounds and in-game events to surprise and scare the player.
  • Additional creature encounters

Blair Witch: VR Edition is available now on Oculus Quest and this summer for PlayStation VR.

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