Song of Horror is out now on PlayStation with Xbox coming soon

Song of Horror from Raiser Games and Protocol Games is now available and is aiming to deliver massive scares to console fans. Here’s what to know about today’s launch of the formerly PC-exclusive title.

If you’ve been waiting to scare yourself silly, then don’t worry, Song of Horror will have you covered as Raiser Games and Protocol Games have revealed that their survival-horror title has made its way onto PlayStation consoles as of today, with an Xbox version currently undergoing certification and is expected to launch rather soon.

Unlike the PC release, the console release is coming in with all five chapters as a ‘Complete Edition’ of the game, allowing fans to jump in, and experience The Presence, a dark and haunting entity, to its fullest across all of the titles chapters.

Players will get to experience the horror that plagues the Husher family, most recently, Sebastian P. Husher, a famous writer whose entire family has vanished without a trace. To find out what happened, players will take on the role of all 13 characters in this Lovecraftian style third-person game.

“Every survival-horror fan knows that some of the biggest games in the genre’s history made their name on console, so bringing Song of Horror to PlayStation and Xbox was the logical next step after the game’s successful run on PC,” says studio co-founder Carlos Grupeli. “We can’t wait to see the reaction of console gamers once they get their hands on it.”

Those who opt to play Song of Horror will find that the title pays homage to classic horror-survival games where stealth will reward the most, allowing players to keep just from the edge of the bring of insanity, and ultimately survive. Depending on your choices, the overall shape of the world will change, some characters will know more than others, and surviving the manifestations are for the best.

Character deaths are permanent, and unfortunately, you will have to restart the game if each and every one of them dies. Fortunately, you won’t start over entirely if someone dies, you’ll pick up right where their investigation left off.

Song of Horror comes in at $39.99 on PlayStation and soon on Xbox consoles.

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      • Ah, I have it on PS5 and it’s alright. It’s a bit slow and clunky in terms of movement in my opinion, and I don’t think it was deliberate. Graphics are surprisingly nice.

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