DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 2 launches tomorrow

id Software has revealed that they are wrapping up the Doom Slayer saga with “The Ancient Gods – Part 2starting tomorrow with a focus on the future moving forward with the franchise.

Whether you’ve had a chance to dive into DOOM Eternal or not, now is the right time, and for a great reason. DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 2 is dropping on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms tomorrow. Unfortunately, the new story will bring the Doom Slayer saga to an end, bringing the 2016 story arch, to a close and setting up a larger universe moving forward.

In the latest chapter, players will be headed for one final epic showdown against the Dark Lord himself as players trade in the Hellish landscapes of Hell and leaning more towards a high fantasy experience. Players will explore cities hidden among sprawling forests, ice-capped mountains, massive waterfalls at the end of the world, and, you know, fus-roh-hammer your way through the remaining forces of Hell.

There will also be mechs. No. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Check out the trailer here today. There will be massive mechs and demons involved in the upcoming ‘final’ battle when the DLC concludes. If only the Khan Maykr could see the battle that is about to ensue when all Hell breaks loose. The second part of “The Ancient Gods” storyline will include new enemies such as the Armoured Baron, Stone Imp, and the Cursed Prowler. Players will also get to go hands-on with an all-new weapon, the self-explanatory Sentinel Hammer.

DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 2 will be available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia platforms starting tomorrow, March 18th, 2021. The DLC will be available as part of the Year One Pass or as a separate purchase for those who don’t already own the pass itself. You can check out our reviews for DOOM Eternal and DOOM Eternal: The Ancient Gods – Part 1 today.

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