The Elder Scrolls Online: Flames of Ambition DLC is set to launch on March 16th for consoles

Bethesda has revealed the official release date for Update 29 and the Flames of Ambition DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online for March 16th, 2021. Here’s what you need to know ahead of its launch.

If you’ve been trying to prepare for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online: Gates of Oblivion expansion, your wait is almost over, as ZeniMax Online Studios and Bethesda are preparing to kick off the year-long ‘Gates of Oblivion’ storyline with Update 29 and Flames of Ambition dungeon set.

The upcoming content will also feature some Quality of Life changes to the game. The update will include a redesigned Champion System, changes to abilities, new gear, and more. The new update will allow players to get more out of their time in The Elder Scrolls Online than before. The update will feature various changes including a more optimized character sheet, a deeper look into what is going on with their characters.

  • Two new dungeons: Black Drake Villa and the Cauldron
  • The early parts of the story of this year’s year-long adventure for Gates of Oblivion
  • New rewards, including item sets, Achievements, and collectibles
  • An update to the Champion System and improved character sheet
  • TWO NEW DUNGEONS: Black Drake Villa and The Cauldron

In the upcoming DLC (available now for PC/Mac), players can jump into Black Drake Villa where they will meet Eveli Sharp-Arrow, a Wood Elf scout who is looking to explore the archives of the once-proud mansion that has become a safe haven for monsters and arsonists. In turn, players can also dive into The Cauldron where the cult of the Waking Flame has forced the local townsfolk into slavery.

Those in The Cauldron ache to be free as adventurers free them from their work of excavating the sinister ruins deep within a long-forgotten mine. Players will team up with Dremora Lyrant, fighting their way throguh Daedric Beasts, Cultists, and uncover the truth about the Cauldron and what it has to do with the sudden apperance of Mehrunes Dagon and his Oblivion portals.

As brave adventurers begin to unravel his mysterious appearance, they can explore a redesigned Champion System where they can tailor their character to how they play. The constellation groups have been updated to better suit their style through four powerful passive boons they can unlock through each of the constellations.

The update will be free of charge to all existing players while those looking to jump into ‘Flames of Ambition’ can jump in for free with ESO Plus or purchased via the Crown Store when it launches on March 16th on consoles and today on PC/Mac.

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