‘DEATHLOOP Explained’ Video released at IGN’s Fan Fest

If you still haven’t gotten acquinted with the upcoming title called DEATHLOOP from Arkane Lyon, then, here’s your chance with the latest video for the game called ‘DEATHLOOP Explained’. It’s definitely worth the watch.

DEATHLOOP is easily one of the quirkiest games to come from Arkane Lyon yet. Their Dishonored franchise was fantastic and it didn’t go downhill from there. To be honest, Arkane has continued to show what makes them as unique as any other studio out there. This ranges from their character designs, marketing, and even, just how damn weird their games can get. DEATHLOOP is no exception to this rule.

This past weekend, they’ve been busy with preparing for the launch from showing off the game at the latest PlayStation State of Play to IGN’s Fan Fest, which, kicked off this past weekend. So, Bethesda and Arkane Lyon have been pretty dang busy if you might be wondering. The latest video, however, isn’t just some trailer. It’s literally an explainer that helps us wrap our heads around exactly what the upcoming title has to offer.

This includes dying, time rewinding, having a chance to right your wrongs, and, well, let the bullets fly or snap a few necks in stealth combat. The choice is yours really. To be honest, you should just watch the video, it breaks down everything we can say rather well and definitely has uss psyched for the game. However, if you do plan on playing it, it will be exclusive to PC and PlayStation 5 platforms.

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