Final Fantasy XI’s February Update is a large bundle of quests, events, and more

Even as a 19-year-old game, Square Enix is still delivering solid content to their beloved MMO that still finds a healthy community enjoying what the game has to offer as well as its all-new content drops. The latest batch comes in the shape of Final Fantasy XI’s February Update featuring limited-time events, all-new quests, and more.

Square Enix is still proving as to why their fans love their games, which this time, comes in the shape of an all-new update for their 19-year-old MMO, Final Fantasy XI, and a brand-new content drop. This latest update expands “The Voracious Resurgence” story with an all-new update. The next chapter will see players, both new and old, journey to where Prince Trion is to take part in a royal ball in San D’Oria.

Due to an unforeseen threat, the ball, as well as the kingdom, are finding them threatened by fiends from the north. The latest update also brings in new quests, special limited-time events, as well as a few other items for fans to enjoy, including new fiends that have been added such as the Goal, which have been added to Sheol as part of the Odyssey Update.

As part of the Ambuscade Update, players can enjoy both Normal and Intense Ambuscade difficulties, which have new battles for players to enjoy while the latter sees players facing off against fearsome iron giants in their adventure. Along with the new events comes the recently started New Year’s Alter Ego Expo, which runs from February 11th to March 1st, 2021.

The limited-time event will allow players the chance to obtain the alter egos of numerous NPCs that they’ve encountered throughout the game’s core campaign, which can then, aid them throughout their adventures. This includes the return of the Valentione’s Day event, where players will help the lovelorn – and of course, chocobos – find someone special by participating in limited-time quests throughout all of Vana’diel.

Don’t forget to snag that limited-time gear as well, there will be some available for fans to enjoy when they aren’t diving into the Midwinter Succor Campaign, which just saw its Part 1 begun on February 11th and wrapping up on the 18th of February. The second part will February 19th to March 1st, 2021.

If you haven’t already, you can still jump into Final Fantasy XI today and give it a whirl to see just why this MMO is still gathering a growing fanbase alongside Final Fantasy XIV.

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