Scorn devs reveal 14 minutes of gameplay, arrives in 2021

Since his debut as an artist, H.R. Giger has continued to influence us in unseen ways with his art in unimaginable ways. When it comes to video games, Ebb Software is now ready to show off 14-minutes of their upcoming Giger-esque title, Scorn.

When it comes to highly anticipated games, Scorn continues to grab attention when something new gets announced, especially since its 2017 reveal, which gave the world their first glimpse at the games introductory level.

This time, Ebb Software is revealing that same level as an updated version that’s running on an Xbox Series X. The team has stated that the level revealed previously and this one is being a separate part of that stage. This one is allowing the team to show off the progress they’ve made as of late.

Gameplay, game systems, animations, environments, creatures, and more, have been added since the last major reveal. The entire environment is still being designed to tell a rather specific story and to help immerse you in the world of Scorn.

As you will see int he trailer, the game has come a long way since its past couple of updates. Ebb Software has also confirmed that the game has been running on an Xbox Series X for only a couple of months, but since then, it has already reached parity with high-end PC configurations most gamers use.

Scorn is set to launch in 2021 for PC and Xbox Series X.

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