Burger King to start having PS5 giveaways next week

Sony and Burger King have teamed up to reveal the start-up sound for the PlayStation 5 and it’s exactly what you would expect. Now, you have a chance to win one starting next week.

As Microsoft teams up with Taco Bell, Sony is looking the other direction, heading to Burger King as the two companies prepare to team up in order to giveaway PlayStation 5 consoles to lucky winners.

As PlayStation 5 consoles remain hard to pre-order due to limited availabilities in all regions, Burger King and Sony are preparing for their own giveaway, which will see fans of both have a chance starting on October 15th through November 22nd to win one.

How do you enter the contest? Well purchasing the two for $5 meal at any Burger King in the United States in order to have your chance submitted. Of course, there’s anoth er step to even entering: Yep, there’s a catch.

Those of you looking to do so will need to register an account on the BK App or the official BK.com in order to participate. When you purchase a two for $5+ deal, on the app, through the site, or in-store, you’ll earn one game token. These tokens can then be used for a chance to enter a digital scratch off game, which if you are lucky, gives you a chance to win a PS5 console, PlayStation game code, or well, some nifty BK coupons!

There are, however, alternative methods listed on the brand-new Burger King website, there’s also, well, the reveal of the PlayStation 5’s start-up sound that was revealed today in partnership between Sony and Burger King. You can check that out down below.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release on Nov. 12, 2020, just in time for the contests conclusion. So what are you waiting for? Get those accounts ready and get hungry for some Burger King, because, we know we are.

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