Nintendo Switch and why it’s the perfect home for indies

Unlike previous generations, the Nintendo Switch has become a hotbed for indie games, leaving fans with more than just first party titles, and triple-a experiences. Believe it or not, the Nintendo Switch is one of the best places to play and purchase indie games to date. Here’s why.

Since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, there’s no doubt about the fact that Nintendo has done an immaculate job attracting a wide-array of third party publishers and developers to being their third best-selling hardware since the release of the Nintendo Entertainment System in the 1980s.

The Nintendo Switch isn’t just some sort of anomaly either. In their intiail reveal, Nintendo did several things, which included their commitment to an international audience without using region locking, but also, their commitment to indie games as well as third-party titles from publishers such as Activison Blizzard, 2K Software, Electronic Arts, ZeniMax Media Inc, Microsoft Studios, XSEED Games, Bandai Namco, ATLUS USA, SEGA and many more.

Among their pledge to ensure a healthy third-party ecosystem, their bledge to indie games became rather clear within the first two years, but more-so, in the ongoing third year that begun this past March. Now, I know you are wondering, how can I say this information, but not having really reviewed any of those said indie games? Well, some of it is fact, but the other is: Ease of access.

“The Nintendo Switch’s portability makes it a perfect contendor for indie games as a platform”

That ease of access is presented in several ways. So let’s break them each down into their very own bits of this discussion. We’ll start with the fact that the Nintendo Switch’s portability makes it a perfect contendor for indie games as a platform.

One of those very reasons as I stated above. When it comes to portability, but delivering console-like experiences – the Nintendo Switch excels where PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can’t. Heck, it excels where even next-gen consoles will continue to struggle. Neither will have portability in mind, not even with the use of the PlayStation Remote Play or the Xbox’s Game Pass Cloud.

This is where the Switch can absolutely dominate and does. One, the indie games aren’t expensive, SD cards aren’t either, and Nintendo has shown dedicating to both the eShop on the Switch and the 3DS, the latter still being available despite support slowly coming to an end due to the priors overall sales and user base.

Because of that approach, the Nintendo Switch has longevity, and if Nintendo continues down their current path, they won’t need to focus on a home-focused console ever again. They have the handheld market cornered in ways neither of their competitors can. They also have longevity down to an artform.

“Nintendo’s dedication to indie gaming is honestly an amazing thing.”

This also comes into the fact that Nintendo has dropped their cut from the sales of indie games from 35% to 30% according to IGN. Now, you might be wondering, what’s the second part and how does it apply to what you just said? Because of the sales. Constant sales on indie games.

One of the most beloved parts of digital gaming is the availability of your digital content, the ability to download and have access to those games, and being able to save mane on sales when you can. Despite the Limited Nintendo eShop’s having just down in 42 countries as of this past July, the 3DS eShop’s are still very much alive.

This is because the fact that Nintendo knows their fans. They know fans want their games, access to their hard-earned content, but also, to be able to go back and play them or redownload them at any given time. Effectively speaking, the choice to save money is in the consumers hands and Nintendo wants them to know that.

You’ll find games like Blasphemous, Project Warlock, and even Phantom Doctrine have all been on there at spectacular prices. So have many others might I add, but get this, it still goes to primarily the developers and these sales help their project sales figures as well as product growth since fans will be there to support the games for quite some time. Nintendo’s dedication to indi gaming is honestly an amazing thing.

You can already expect games like New Blood Interactive’s smash-hit title DUSK to come to Switch this Halloween, which to many, came as a huge surprise seeing as the game is still taking the PC community by storm alongside companion title AMID EVIL.

“Nintendo’s even got a special showcase site called ‘Indie World‘ that lets you know about the latest indie releases”

Except, that’s not all. Other major indie titles including Ori and the Will of the Wisp and Ori and the Blind Forest have come to call the Nintendo Switch their secondary home, allowing fans to take ont wo of Microsoft Studios’ biggest hitting indie titles to the comfort of their Switch.

It doesn’t stop there though. Nintendo knows the Nintendo Switch is a great place for indie games. You will see quite a few showcased during Nintendo Direct updates and of course, during their weekly indie updates, which shows that Nintendo knows that the Switch is a perfect fit for both indie games and indie developers.

Nintendo’s even got a special showcase site called “Indie World” that lets you know about the latest indie releases and what titles you should check out on their indie spotlight. Simply put, Nintendo is 100% dedicated to indie games, which puts them ahead of their competitors as they want people to know the Switch is the home to indies and they re dedicated to ensuring that indie games remain a part of their ecosystem for good.

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