Sam Fisher is coming to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Shadow Legacy


Rainbow Six Siege Year 5: Operation Shadow Legacy includes Sam “Zero” fisher from Splinter Cell come to Rainbow Six Siege as the game’s newest playable operator along with the reworked Chalet map alongside additional new gameplay features.

It seems that while Sam Fisher is a little ways off from getting an all-new game, he isn’t done making guest appearances in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint or Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. To help kick-off Year 5, Ubisoft has revealed that “Zero” aka Sam Fisher” has been prepped to join the roster as the newest Operator for fans to enjoy alongside a reworked Chalet map.

Sam, renamed Zero, will be an attacker, making him able to use entirely new kits including the Argus Launcher, a two-way drill camera that can pierce soft or reinforced surfaces including walls, hatches, and windows. He can also stick his camera to any surface within the game, giving him a chance to use a one charger laser to deal damage to Defenders or destroy their gadgets.

Zero will also come with his own unique weapon, the SC300K and the Karambit, his own personal melee weapon. Operators can also plan on experience the Chalet map in its reworked state while traversing the roof among other features. Players will also have a chance to see how objectives became a main focus in the rework along with a hallway that was added to improve player rotation in the Basement with a new one being added to Dining from the Trophy Site.

Siege also goes free-to-play on August 27th until September 4th, depending on the platform you are on. Players during the test can join more than 60 million other players while also snagging immediate access to all maps, modes, and 20 legacy operators. This comes with the announcement of the SquadFinder app (now available) which will help players on mobile and or computer desktop match up with teammates based on language, playstyle, and overall in-game habits.

Year 5 is now available for all players, new and old, to enjoy and experience.

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