The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope to launch October 30th


Bandai Namco has confirmed the release date of October 30th, 2020, for The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope, the second entry in the Dark Pictures Anthology.

Man of Medan gave us a lot of hope for interactive movies, giving us a chance to immerse ourselves in horror-filled experiences where choices matter and they influence the very outcome in which we will experience. The entire experience was driven by the ability to also play the game in a cooperative play; allowing for fans to share the jumps, the scares, and the intrigue with a fellow friend.

Now, The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope is about to expand on the franchise’s unique story-telling elements, combining a sense of wonderment and psychological thrills to the world of gaming once again. The tension will allow with up to five people to play the game in a couch-friendly movie night mode or through online gameplay with one other person.

Little Hope will invite the brave to adventure into the mysterious town of Little Hope as four college students and their professor, as they traverse through a mysterious fog that has entrapped them within the town. The town’s gruesome past, hidden identity, and a sinister plot aims to drag their souls to the bowels of Hell, forcing them to work together, solving the mystery as dark apparitions appear before them, challenging their every move.

A pre-order bonus is available, giving fans a chance to gain early access to a new feature called The Curator’s Cut, which features new scenes in an addition to the theatrical cut of the game, giving fans a chance to experience different playable characters with more choices and outcomes that await them.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 30th, 2020. Pre-orders are now available.

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