FAIRY TAIL’s magic, playable characters, and more in the game’s latest trailer


FAIRY TAIL from GUST Studios and KOEI TECMO America has received its first look at playable characters, magical abilities, and plenty more in its latest trailer. Let’s take a look.

FAIRY TAIL is one of those anime titles you either loved, hated, or never heard of. It’s wild, it’s wacky, but most of all, it’s otherworldly, which his part of what makes the series rather enchanting. Its characters, while silly, have their serious moments, which is what GUST Studios, the team behind the Atelier franchise and KOEI TEMCO America, are just beginning to aim at with their upcoming JRPG title.

Set to release on July 31, 2020, for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch with a PC release a day earlier on PC via Steam, FAIRY TAIL is preparing to take fans into the world of magic, dragons, and much, much more, when it launches. Fans will get to learn the types of magic and mystique the world of FAIRY TAIL has to offer.

Since the game is pulling inspiration from both the anime and the manga series, you can already get an idea of what to expect, especially as the game nears its official launch. What fans may not know, is how the game will play or what kind of unique mechanics the game will have to offer. That’s what our latest trailer gives us a look at, including the Unison Raid ability, which allows magic users to unleash their magic spells all at once in order to overpower an enemy.

The ability did appear in the manga and the anime, but since this game is a story of its own, there will be all-new magic and character team-ups that can use it, including new powers from never before seen character combinations. In addition to a series of Extreme Magic Spells, players will also be able to use Kanna’s Fairy Glitter, which can be activated when magic attacks are combined, Makarov’s “Giant” magic, and even a spell known as Exeed Special”, which will help the party out in the most of trying times.

Those wanting to know more should definitely check out that latest trailer down below:

You can also pre-order the game starting today in order to get the Early Purchase Bonus special MISS FAIRY TAIL costume for Erza. Don’t forget you can also snag the special Digital Deluxe Edition as well to get the bonus Lacrima set, Grand Magic Games team costumes, and a DDX Limited Ryza costume for Lucy.

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