Too Human is currently free on Xbox Live


After tons of controversy in the past, Too Human has remained a return, giving Xbox One and Xbox 360 fans a chance to travel back into the once-troubled series, giving it another chance at life in modern gaming. Now, it’s absolutely free for Xbox Live users.

If you haven’t already noticed as an Xbox One or Xbox 360 owner, there’s something really incredible that has already happened on the Microsoft Store: Too Human is back up on it and free. This comes after a massive lawsuit that Epic Games pressed against former Too Human developer, Silicon Knights (The Legacy of KainEternal Darkness) for $9.2M USD.

Now, years later, it seems that Epic Games has let things go back to normal, which sees the grand epilogue to the series reanimated after seeing Silicon Knights sued into the ground, literally. However, it has raised questions whether or not this means Epic Games is preparing a prestigious comeback for the seemingly now-defunct studio, which brought to light several amazing titles, including X-Men: Destiny.

But to know why this is actually big, you have to understand, this title didn’t just get the company sued into, well, nothingness, it was also a title that was slated for PlayStation 3, got bumped to the GameCube and ultimately one last final boot over to Xbox 360 where Microsoft exclusively published the time by Xbox Game Studios (then Microsoft Game Studios).

The hard part is understanding: Why? Is Microsoft about to see the game get rebirthed int he next-gen starting this Winter or what exactly is going on? Well, that’s a tricky question, but our only guess at the time: Epic Games gave Xbox Game Studios the okay to release the game, but nothing more at this time.

It’s a good enough game we can all agree that free is amazing and the fact that we can obtain both digital and physical copies still – to this day – is astonishing since Epic Games had ordered all-new copies to be destroyed as part of the lawsuit when they won. Surprisingly enough, we wonder: Can we see new copies being printed for the sake of backward compatibility?

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