GTFO “The Vessel” Rundown 003 gets a release date and features outlined


The Vessel update for GTFO will feature some of the biggest changes tot he game yet including new features such as story, gameplay balances, new areas, and even all-new enemies that have yet to be revealed. Here’s what you need to know.

Since we went hands-on with GTFO from 10 Chambers Collective, we’ve had a lot to say about the game whether we wrote about it or internally discussed what the 4-player co-op action/horror FPS title has to offer, even releasing a preview based on the games Rundown 002 build.

Now, we’re already gearing up for another major change to the game which will be released on June 11th, 2020, featuring brand-new story elements including a new environment called “Lab”, alongside seven all-new expeditions, a large selection of new weapons to use, as well as a rather – said to be – a horrifying all-new enemy that you’ll have to face off against. There are also some new story-telling elements that will give fans a lot more to discuss, but also craft theories around in an already extremely active community.

The upcoming rundown is the third overall and will also feature a story element told from the viewpoint of one of the crews younger family members, “The story of GTFO has been somewhat of a mysterium, and we also want to keep it partly that way and not disclose everything about it openly and easily accessible, as it brings together the community in discussions and helping each other find the clues and figure out how they all fit together”, says Simon Viklund, member of 10 Chambers. “In Rundown 003, The Vessel, you will be able to find more of these clues and start getting a better picture of what is really happening down in The Complex.”

Currently, 10 Chambers Collective continues to aim for a full release of their game, continually updating it as well as hiring help for storytelling, art, and design for the game. They will continue to add voice acting talent to the game. They’ve even aimed to keep their sound design at its peak.

“For help with the story, we have Adam Gascoine, who has previously been working on games such as DOOM, DOOM Eternal, and The Last of Us. We have also added strength to programming, and design and illustration – where we have found someone very fitting for GTFO”, says Ulf Andersson, founder of 10 Chambers.

Outside the game, the new Rundown will also include Steam Trading Cards, making it possible for fans to collect and trade their GTFO themed cards to create a complete collection. The Vessel, aka Rundown 003, will be available at 1 PM CET, to everyone that owns GTFO Early Access and will continue to challenge them completely moving forward.

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