Dynasty Warriors 9 is now a PlayStation Hits title


KOEI TECMO America has revealed that the 2018 title, DYNASTY WARRIORS 9, has joined the ever-growing list of PlayStation Hits titles with the launch of both digital and physical versions of the re-released.

If you are a fan of the DYNASTY WARRIORS franchise, you have a lot to look forward to with the latest offering from KOEI TECMO America, which sees ‘DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 – PlayStation Hits’ launch on both digital and physical storefronts as of today, giving players an amazing offering for just $19.99.

Those who pick up the game will get to play through ten riveting chapters, each one giving players a deeper look into the impressive military and political machinations of the era the series takes place in, beginning with the Yellow Turban Rebellion all the way up to the unification of China itself.

“We are delighted to have reached such an important milestone in DYNASTY WARRIORS 9’s lifecycle,” says producer Akihiro Suzuki. “Being eligible for inclusion in the PlayStation Hits lineup is a great honor for all of us on the development team, and with this release, we hope to reach even more fans with the ‘one versus thousands’ action that made the series such a worldwide phenomenon.”

In 2018, in our initial review for DYNASTY WARRIORS 9, we stated that “Dynasty Warriors 9 is a massive improvement over its predecessors. The new open-world approach is fresh, it’s fun, and it allows for the flow and pacing of its story to truly shine alongside the games core mechanics. Despite the wretched English voice track and obvious outdated graphics, Dynasty Warriors 9 isn’t just a must-have for fans, but it’s one that allows Omega Force to find a new way to build their franchise from the ground up”, and scored the title at a 7 out of 10.

KOEI TECMO America has confirmed that the three bundles for the game will also be discounted on the store including DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 Complete Edition, Special Weapon Edition, and Special Scenario Edition. Those interested should visit the official DYNASTY WARRIORS 9 website for more information.

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