Killzone Mercenary servers are back online after being off over the weekend


Over the weekend we experienced the servers offline as did many gamers around the world. While Mercenary is not slated to be shut down on Sony’s server shutdown site, fans were met with the inability to play online.

In some weird incident, many players around the world were hit by either a technical glitch or a hiccup on their end, but whatever happened, many players such as our editor-in-chief was hit with the inability to access the online portion of Killzone Mercenary, leaving him incapable of playing the game in its multiplayer portion.

Sony at this time does not have it listed on their server shutdown site, leaving some to assume that there was a hiccup in Sony’s servers, leaving a handful of people out from being able to play the game modes including Mercenary Warfare, Guerrilla Warfare, and Warzone.

At our time of writing, it does seem as though the servers are working normally as Dustin has been able to play several online games since earlier Monday afternoon and has been able to do so without any issues.

Killzone Mercenary is only one of several spinoffs the franchise has seen, making it an almost perfect handheld title for the Vita as well as showing that handheld devices are fully capable of full-scale FPS titles, leaving Nintendo’s Switch in a playing field of its own until Microsoft or Sony can release a worthwhile competitor.

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