Dead by Daylight’s 4th-anniversary stream reveals the next DLC is Silent Hill


While we certainly hope to see more Silent Hill in the future, Dead by Daylight is about to get even crazier as Pyramid Head and Cheryl Mason are preparing to invade the asymmetrical horror-survival game.  Continue reading

Dead by Daylight: Wraith Tutorial Now Available on YouTube


Dead by Daylight is a game that doesn’t just offer a minor learning curve with some of the characters. Some are straight forward, others are not. In the latest tutorial our very won Dustin Murphy takes you on a wild ride to teach you some tips and tricks to use with Wraith while you hunt down survivors. So check it out. Got questions or feedback? Let us know here on the website, our social media, or even our YouTube channel!

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Review: Dead by Daylight – Where a Sun Never Shines

+Authentically creepy killers that feel original and unique
+First person as a killer and third as a survivor offers unique balancing to the game
+Each killer has their own abilities and perks allowing for differentiated gameplay
+The addition of Michael Meyers brings home that horror film feel for the game

-Small framerate issues even while on a PlayStation 4 Pro with boost mode enabled
-Queue times for matches can be somewhat painful. Some have exceeded ten minutes as a killer.
-Survivors can’t fight back against the killer.


Dead by Daylight Trapper Concept Art | Courtesy: Behaviour Interactive

When Turtle Rock Studio’s first launched Evolve there was no doubt they’d landed on something unforeseen. Never had a developer, a publisher, or anyone made a game where four players would try to survive a fight against a monster. It was a trend that quickly became grasped upon by developer Behavior Interactive when their smash-hit horror survival PvP title Dead by Daylight premiered on Steam.

Since the debut of Dead by Daylight it has been the predecessor to other cloned games and even by a high-profiled rival under the name of Friday the 13th: The Game. It’s a game that isn’t shy about being one of the most-played titles on Twitch since the second half of 2016. It’s a game that has also now become one of the hottest titles to own on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Thanks to Behavior for letting us get our Killer’s gloves dirty, we’ve finally had a chance to sit down, and hammer out over 172 matches worth as the killer and a rough 50 as survivors.

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Dead by Daylight’s About to Get Spooky with Halloween’s Michael Meyers Soon


Friday the 13th: The Game has been leaving fans craving more than just Camp Crystal Lake. Instead it’s a game that has left fans scratching at the cabin walls for something entirely new, something bigger, and even meaner. That’s where Behavior Interactive comes in with their newly released game Dead by Daylight, which has taken fans by storm and has sent them chasing after each other in order to survive.

If that hasn’t left you craving the need more for slashers, then the idea of Michael Meyers, one of the faces of horror, will certainly do so for a cool $24.99 for the retail version of the game and the free DLC. If you are one to wonder, yes – yes this is the same game that was released on Steam last year and hasn’t been made available to the public on consoles till this past Tuesday.

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