Trails of Cold Steel IV’s latest trailer is setting up the series for its finale


The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV is preparing to bring the Trails of Cold Steel story arc to an end thanks to its latest trailer. Now, we know just bow the war will unfold as both original and new members of Class VIIs will come together and fight for the safety of all of Erebonia.

If you were wondering just how close the war is coming to its climax, it seems that Both Class VII original and new members will be facing off in their biggest battle yet. The trailer gives us the first look at the current sagas decisive end as well as just what faces both Imperial Army of Erebonia and those who seek to bring peace to the world about them.

Fans will get their first look at Juna Crawford, Kurt Vander, and two of Rean Schwarzer’s students as tensions begin to heat up and their challenges ahead become clear. NIS America is already aiming for a release in Fall 2020, almost two years after the Japanese launch. The story will bring together one that has beeen unfolding since 2013 when the latest saga debuted on the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.


To celebrate the upcoming launch of Trails of Cold Steel IV, NIS has revealed both Standard and Limited Edition’s of the game have been announced ahead of its PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo launch. NIS America has confirmed that pre-orders are now available at participating retailers alongside the NIS America Store to help fans get a jump on reserving their copy ahead of launch.

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