DOOM Eternal now has empowered demons in its latest update

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Just when you thought DOOM Eternal couldn’t get any tougher, id Software and Bethesda, have revealed that empowered demons have made their way into the game, bringing with them increased difficulty as well as a new way to see just how mean of a slayer you actually are.

If you were already struggling in DOOM Eternal but wanted to see just how far you could actually go, you knew there was only one thing to do at that time: Increase the difficulty, bringing in harder-hitting demons and challenges you have yet to have faced.

To really give players a run for their money, id Software has revealed that the latest update will see that players face down against empowered demons, which are based on the instance of a player dying and causing empowered variants of any demon int he game to arise. The demons themselves will offer a greater challenge, but greater resources and bonus XP when they are slain.

Along with the new enemies, players can also expect to see a few new additions and gameplay balances including expanded demon tutorials, the ability to dash vertically while in water as well as reduced toxic damage. You can check out the rest of the patch notes released by Bethesda and id Software down below regarding Battlemode: 

  • Deaths in BATTLEMODE now display a death report to show players what killed them
  • Prestige stars now appear under the player card to highlight the most dedicated players
  • Addressed latency and lag issues
  • Tutorials now appear for all players when playing BATTLEMODE for the first time
  • Echelon Leveling for players at the maximum level

You can stay tuned as we’ll keep you up-to-date as more information regarding the upcoming DLC is released.

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