Surgical Scaples reveals new gameplay footage for Boundary


Boundary gets brand-new gameplay reveal for their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Boundary, which is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4 rather soon.

If you’ve been waiting for news and information about the upcoming title from the independent team, Surgical Scalpels, then you won’t be disappointed as the team has revealed an even deeper look into their upcoming title called Boundary, which is set to release on PC and PlayStation 4 in the upcoming future.

The newest glimpse at the game gives us a thrilling look at zero gravity combat with a tactical shield and re-forged AK rifle, allowing gamers to get a first-ever look at how combat actually works and the different classes each Astronaut operator will have ranging from melee-based weapons all the way to automatic rifles.

Those who give the game a chance when it releases later in 2020 will be able to try out fully customizable weapons, tactical assets, classes, and take them into various game modes that involve 5v5, 3v3, and 2v2 modes. You can check out the official trailer up above.

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