Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Deep State DLC now available, Sam Fisher joins the crew


Sam Fisher is once more pulling out his sneak suit from its secret little hiding place, his goggles, and once more preparing for another adventure with the Ghost Recon team in Ghost Recon: Breakpoint’s Deep State DLC.

Since 2013, it seems that Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell had finally gone into retirement, hanging up his goggles, locking up his trusty pistol, and putting down the sneak suit for one last time. However, it doesn’t seem he’s quite done yet again.

He’s once more making his appearing in the Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series as he once more goes on the hunt, joining in on Operation Checkmate, which debuted with today’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint: Deep State episode.

So, what is Sam Fisher playing at? Well, he’s tracking an arrogating arsehole that calls himself the Strategist. This guy is designing some dangerous and lethal tech that allows him to control drones with neuro responses aka his brain. Your job is simple: Help Sam out by taking out the Strategist, eliminating his threat and moving on like nothing ever happened.

Ubisoft has revealed that the campaign’s first episode is available to everyone, but to play it to its fullest, you’ll need to be a season pass owner, Uplay+ subscriber, or y’ know, shell out the money as each of them is released. Your buddies can even join you, unlocking some Splinter Cell themed goodies along the way.

Along with the content, players can also enjoy some new classes with early access, if they own the DLC, which includes the Engineer, who is basically an explosive drone-driven badass that loves explosions, or you can simply enjoy the Echelon, a Sam Fisher0inspired class that is a master of pistols, seeing through walls, and taking out enemies without being noticed.

The new episode also includes the arrival of the ‘Ghost Experience,’ which allows you to tailor the game to your desire. You can change the HUD, limiting how much of it there is, get rid of the RPG fluff and, well, even part ways with the color-coordinated theme Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has.

You can even create your own custom mode; changing how easy the enemies are, getting rid of gear score or UI, and even going more immersive than that itself. Just think of this as your own private little playground. Fun, huh?

Season pass owners and Uplay+ Subscribers can download Deep State today as part of their membership.

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