Evan’s Remains will launch on June 11th, a demo is available now on Steam


Developer Matías Schmied and publisher Whitehorn Digital have revealed that Evan’s Remains is available now as part of The Steam Game Festival Spring Edition starting today with a playable demo of the game.

If you’re looking for a heavy-hitting indie game, Whitehorn Digital and developer Matías Schmied is set to launch on June 11th, 2020, for PC and all major platforms. Evan’s Remains has also received its pricing for its launch for $6.99.

Those that give the game a whirl will find that it’s heavily inspired by Japanese graphic adventure games such as Attack of the Friday Monsters! that debuted on Nintendo 3DS. Fans will find that the game will combine logic-based platform puzzles with a decent focus on narrative elements.

Evan’s Remains tries to convey a strong feeling of mystery and to leave the player wondering — just what is really going on here?,” lead developer Matías Schmied said. “Like its inspirations – Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick, Danganronpa, Yume Nikki, and many others – we hope players will feel a profound sense of satisfaction as they slowly piece together the narrative.

Fans of retro games will be excited to know that Evan’s Remains will feature pixel-graphics, puzzles that require the skill of deduction over dexterity or skill to complete the puzzles you will face, and even, a rich story that’s punctuated by dialogue from a unique blend of characters.

This is one where you can simply relax, not worry about being beaten to death or even having to start over due to an untimely death. Sounds pretty darn relaxing.

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