GTFO’s Infection update is set to launch on March 31st


GTFO is hitting heavy in its Early Access state, delivering plenty of updates for performance, gameplay, and now, a brand new set of orders in GTFO: Rundown 002/Infection, set to launch on March 31st.

Set to launch on March 31st at 1PM CET, players will be able to jump into the latest update for GTFO from 10 Chambers Collective. The latest update, titled “Rundown 002 / Infection” will see players exploring an all-new environment dubbed “Dig Site” along with 10 new expeditions, which will accompany a new system called Warden Restriction, where the community will be working together in order to unlock more content than before.

To include the new content drop, the team has also revealed there will be two new weapons, namely a machine pistol and a burst rifle, along with new enemies, objectives, and a brand-new improved audio system and visual upgrades. The new upgrades include an on-screen liquid system.

Currently, you are entering the last chance to do the first Rundown, which will be wiped when Rundown 002 launches on March 31st, 2020.  Will you give it a go? Let us know in the comments.

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