EVERSPACE 2 receives a release timeline update and various other updates


After appearing at PAX East, EVERSPACE 2 from ROCKFISH GAMES, the team has revealed some internal insights as well as an important discussion regarding the future of their game. Here’s the scoop.

When you want to get a game like EVERSPACE 2 and place it into your virtual library over on Steam, it’s hard to not imagine what the future of that game will be, especially with its original Early Access having been planned for the exact same release date, which includes the upcoming sci-fi shooter RPG from CD Projekt Red, Cyberpunk 2077, being planned for their exact date.

Then, on top of it, there’s also Square Enix’s newly announced Outriders, planned to release in September as well, giving us two major hitting Triple-A titles to launch in the exact same release window, offering some healthy competition among publishers. However, for studios such as ROCKFISH GAMES, the competition can be dangerous for a title as small as theirs.

Due to the challenges ahead, the team has officially released a statement regarding the changes to their release date, “Considering all those new challenges, we had to make a tough decision about postponing the EVERSPACE 2 launch on Steam Early Access, now aiming for early December this year. Consequently, we’re also pushing the closed Alpha back to the end of May and the closed Beta to August. We will reach out to backers with creative rewards towards the end of this year,” states Michael of ROCKFISH Games.

He continues to explain their strategic planning, “Even if this is just a strategic decision to mitigate commercial risks when major market conditions change, we are fully aware that some of you won’t be too happy about this, but we hope for your understanding. Thankfully, we’re in a financially comfortable position, so the project itself is not at risk, and we are developing the game internally as planned. This extra time also means we’ll have more content for you to enjoy in the closed Alpha, Beta, and Early Access builds.”

While the date has changed, the team has revealed some brand-new cockpits for fans to enjoy, which shows that each subclass, will get their very own unique and beautiful design, allowing for a wide array of different experiences to be had. All of the cockpits have been shown off with a maximum FOV put to them as well as minimal objects in the way to keep from obstructing display panels. You can check out the new designs down below:

Along with the brand-new look at the ships, it seems that EVERSPACE 2 is promising a hefty thought on more immersion, less obstruction, and if anything is certain, these designs are showing that off just a bit. Since the system is modular, it does seem that they can add new features at a later date including possible player customizations.

The designs do seem to o9ffer possible future VR elements, but at this time, it does seem VR could be a post-release content drop after Michael and the teams latest statement about VR, “Long story short, EVERSPACE 2 for VR is currently not on our list, but who knows what kind of deal might happen in the future…?”

For those looking for a full rundown of features, including Ultimate Abilities, you can check out the latest Kickstarter update for EVERSPACE 2 and prepare to add the game to your wishlist on Steam rather soon.

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