Boundary, an upcoming game from Surgical Scalpels will have RTX support


Chinese independent developer, Surgical Scalpels, has revealed their upcoming tactical multiplayer FPS title, Boundary, which will feature RTX support when it launches on PC later in 2020.

Set to launch later this year on PC and PlayStation 4, Boundary is a game aiming to change the way we experience tactical FPS multiplayer titles with more immersive graphics, bigger and better than ever gameplay elements, and RTX support for PC users.

With the team aiming to provide a realistic in-game experience both visually and gameplay-wise, they’ve begun to design their game to make full-use of RTX-enabled GPUs and offer one of the best experiences yet. Boundary took the DXR Spotlight contest in China, receiving a nice little highlight ahead of the title’s upcoming launch

As it was one of the winners of the contest, a contest that saw several developers use Unreal Engine 4.22 featuring Microsoft DirectX 12 and DirectX Raytracing, Boundary is offering a cinematic-quality experience when it launches, which will provide absolutely breathtaking experiences.

“Highlighting even the smallest detail as well as the subtle application of reflections and global illumination, the development team wanted to implement a sense of realism in the tech demo to draw the viewer into a believable world.” Said Frank Mingbo Li, Technical Director at Surgical Scalpels.

“As a team, we’re interested in how Boundary could support RTX and we’ll be coordinating with NVIDIA and AMD at how we can potentially add ray tracing to the game post-launch” added Frank Mingbo Li.

You can stay tuned in for our upcoming coverage of Boundary soon as we get the chance to go hands-n with the game. Meanwhile, you can check out the RTX comparison’s up above.

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