Ghost of Tsushima to get a full trailer during The Game Awards 2019


Sony has confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima will get a full trailer during The Video Game Awards 2019. Here’s what we know.

The Ghost of Tsushima has been an elusive creature, much as its title suggests: A ghost. What we do know is very little and we do know that it will involve open-world gameplay, sword-play, and it will be an action-adventure game with stealth-like mechanics throughout its core gameplay systems.

Since the game does take place in 1264, in Japan, during the Mongol invasions, players will find many of the weapons, items, and designs that resemble that of Japan in the 1200s including items such as a grappling hook to help players move around the world. Players will have a chance to explore side quests, unique NPCs, and some of the most challenging fights they will ever encounter throughout the game.

The new trailer, which Sony confirmed will be dropping tomorrow during The Game Awards 2019, will see more evolution about the last samurai, Jin Sakai (also known as Daisuke Tsuji), through his adventures in Japan as he fights against the Mongol Empire.

Sony has yet to confirm a release date for Ghost of Tsushima, but there does seem to be a chance we may get one tomorrow.

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