Diablo IV will not have an offline feature


As you might already know, Diablo IV is in development as confirmed during the Blizzcon 2019 opening ceremony. However, many fans wanted to know: Can you play Diablo IV offline? The answer is no for quite a few reasons.

If there’s one thing I honestly hate: It’s always online games. Not that I hate the games, I’m not a fan of the practice. My dad (David here at Blast Away the Game Review) and I spent countless hours knocking Baal and Diablo down a peg or three in our days and even recently, we’ve had a lot of fun tearing across the game using our monks, necromancers, and our barbarian’s.

Now, we’re eyeballing Diablo IV, which Blizzard remains firm won’t be launching anytime soon. Since the announcement and the reveal of Lilith, you can rest assured we’re ready to cover this game in further depth moving forward.

For better or for worse, it sounds like this game’s less important than previously announced projects including Diablo: ImmortalWarcraft III: Reforged, and Overwatch 2.

During the event, PC Gamer had a chance to sit down and talk with Joe Shely, the lead designer behind Diablo IV, about whether or not the game would be playable offline. In his response, Shely explained, “There’s a large, seamless, connected, and shared space in the world, going down into dungeons, being able to group with your friends, trading and PvP. We feel that the best way to experience that world is online.”

Because of their current vision for the game, it sounds like Diablo IV is still quite a way out and it may be next-gen before we even get our chance to go hands-on with the game. As with games of this type, namely Destiny 2 and Path of Exile, you’ll be in what feels like an MMO-like environment where you’re in an always-connected world, seamlessly connecting with other players.

While the idea of an always-online experience, it does feel that Blizzard has lost touch with fans who want to decide whether they want to play offline or not.

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