Diablo IV announced, Lilith confirmed as the new prime evil, two trailers released


Earlier today during the Blizzcon 2019 opening ceremony, Blizzard has confirmed that Diablo IV is currently in development, alongside the reveal of Diablo being replaced by a new prime evil by the name of Lilith.

It’s always exciting when you hear about one of the most beloved franchises in the history of gaming. Diablo is a series filled with lore, lore that seems to run much deeper than we’d ever have thought. Those that have, know that the lore itself isn’t just about Diablo himself, it runs much deeper than that.

The series is ripe with dark fantasy lore to draw from and in order to bring it forth even more, Blizzard has revealed that they are taking it one step further since Diablo’s death in Diablo III. Now, we’re being introduced to the Daughter of Hatred (her father being Mephisto) herself, the sister of Lucion and the Queen of the Succubi: Lilith.

She was the once lover of the archangel Inarius who gave birth to the creation of the first nephalem. Now, it looks as if she will be returning from the void that Inarius imprisoned her in. With her reemergence, we are seeing the return of several new classes from previous entries (all three to be exact).

In the gameplay trailer, we do see the return of the Mage, the Druid, and the Barbarian. Each one represented by their classic approach to combat. The Sorcerer/Wizard slinging magical spells including fire, ice, and arcane. The Druid being able to use the elements and a bear form to his or her liking while the Barbarian turns into a frenzy of blades.

Aside from the three confirmed classes, Blizzard has not revealed further information on what Blizzard has shown off. It does seem there will be room for quite a few characters to be added to the roster. You can check it the official reveal trailer down below.

While we prepare for our fight against Lilith, Blizzard has also given us some fresh gameplay footage of the Druid, Barbarian and the Mage. You can check that out below as well:

At this time Blizzard has not confirmed platforms or a release window for their upcoming title. Right now, our best bet is just to sit and wait for Blizzard to confirm more information about the upcoming title at a later date.

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