Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Complete Edition launches on PS4 and PC

Travis Strikes Again_ No More Heroes Complete Edition - 06

If you haven’t had a chance to meet our pal Travis from No More Heroes, it’s time to get acquainted with him and his insanely crazy world. 

Originally released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes is now available on PlayStation 4 and PC with all previously released DLC in this complete edition of the game. Those looking to do so can head over to Steam Store or PlayStation Store today and pick up the game for $39.99.

This latest adventure takes place shortly after the events of No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle when Travis Touchdown is living the best life he can in the American South with his pet cat Jeane. His life is simple, the open air, absolute freedom, and plenty of video games for him to enjoy, but unfortunately, not everything can be as peaceful as you would hope.

Unfortunately for Travis, Bad Girl isn’t done as her father, Badman, seeks revenge on Travis for her demise. Unfortunately for them both, they’ve been sucked into the legendary gaming console Death Drive MK II in search of the six Death Balls in order for them to escape. Together, the two must

work in order to escape their new and twisted reality they’ve been sucked into. Their job? To destroy every Bug they can, and well, beat the crap out of everything that gets in their way. As this is the Complete Edition of the game, you can now play as Shinobu Jacobs and Bad Girl and even unlock exclusive T-shirts and content to enjoy as well as the Black Dandelion and Bubblegum Fatale packs, which can be accessed when the story has been completed.

Stay tuned to our friends at the official XSEED Games website to stay tuned into their latest developments regarding future and previously released titles.

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